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    Protective Services “Longest Haul” Vehicle Mounted Holster (hardpoint)

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    Protective Services “Elite” OWB Holster Combo

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    Protective Services “Elite” IWB Holster

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    Protective Services “Elite” OWB Holster

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High Output Holsters and Magazine Pouches
Advanced Performace Shooting makes some very nice kydex holsters. I have owned 3 of them and used one during a few of my pistol courses. I also carry one daily. The owner is a firearms instructor, Grandmaster pistol champ, and retired Army vet. I don't live far from APS so the turn around on my orders has been about 24hrs. One of the nice things about the High Output Holsters is the lack of space that it takes up on your belt. I've seen some %$#!&  holsters among others that are more square and use a lot of real estate. I'm currently using one for my G34, other than the holster being longer for the barrel length it is the same size as the G19 holster. Retention is very good and I can't say enough good things about the service or product.


I have three of these holster, hands down the best quality out there.

-Sean, US Army-

I talked with Jim on the phone (great guy to talk to by the way). Told him what I was looking for. Told him I wanted a grip to scream Patriot when someone saw it. I ended up sending him 2 grips and 5 basepads to do. A week and change later, I got them back and they look AWESOME!!! Thanks to Jim for all that he does.
Oh by the way, on the phone, Jim advised me of the free paint service for the month of March. Now, I really appreciated the info as he didn't have to say a word to me about it. Honestly, I would have gladly paid full price for the work that Jim does.
One of my grips had been worked on before and the other was fairly stock (no stippling). On the one grip, Jim filled in the bottom holes and blended everything together, no extra cost!

Thank you Jim for the great job!


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    Special Operations and Combat Diver grip- Ergo

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    Special Operations and Combat Diver grip Standard A2

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    Protective Services “Longest Haul” Vehicle Mounted Holster (hardpoint)

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    Protective Services “Express”

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