Advanced Performance Shooting


STI/SV Grips

Customer supplied (note: does not include cleaning or extra setup) Includes double undercut, complete reduction and the texture of your choice in light, medium or rough.  Logo and diamonds can be left in place or removed at no additional charge.  Bottom screw holes can be covered to better replicate the SV grip design.

  • Not Painted: $105.00
  • Painted:        $125.00
  • SRT:              $125.00
  • SRT 2:           $105.00

New grips (STI only)

Includes Grip and all of the enhancement work.  For no additional charge, we can remove the STI logo and cover the bottom screw hole to match an SV grip.

  • Not Painted: $175.00
  • Painted:         $195.00

SRT Grip

Includes a brand new STI grip with no logo or diamonds, double undercut and reduced with a medium texture and our “Slip Resistant Treatment”.  More information is available on the SRT Grip page of our website.

  • SRT Grip: $205.00

SRT  2 Grip

Includes a brand new STI grip with no logo or diamonds, double undercut and reduced with our SRT 2 texture.  More information is available on the SRT Grip page of our website.

  • SRT 2 Grip:$205.00 (STI/SV 2011)

Shotgun (any action) Forearm and Stock

  • Not Painted: $75.00 (per piece)
  • Painted:      +$40.00 with texture ($100.00 as stand-alone service)
  • Superformance action work includes polishing all slide or gas action parts and feeding parts, starting at $150.00

AR-15 (or similar rifle) Grip and Handguards

  • Not Painted: $75.00
  • Painted:         $95.00 includes painting stock

Glock Grip Reductions

  • Standard reduction and texture:  $150.00
    Includes double undercuts, reduction, and texture.

Stand Alone Paint Service on Related Parts

  • Cmore or tube style red dot optic: $80.00
  • All other scopes/optics:                   $100.00
  • MagFunnel:                                        $40.00 (any brand)
  • Basepads:                                            $10.00 (any brand, texture not included)

A La Carte and Add-On Options

  • Texture alone:                       $75.00 (light, medium, rough or combination)
  • Thumbshelf:                          $50.00 (n/a as a stand-alone feature)
  • Stuck magazine cutouts:     $25.00
  • Action Tuning 3.5 pounds:  $75.00 (includes all parts and tuning)
  • Beavertail:                              $50.00 (n/a as a stand-alone feature)
  • Internal Magwell:                 $50.00 (n/a as a stand-alone feature)
  • Rounded trigger guard:       $0.00 (seriously, some companies charge for this)
  • Double or Single undercut: $75.00

Production and Carry Gun services

Our production and carry gun services vary greatly as does pricing.  Please check our Production Gun Services page for more information and pricing guidelines.

In every instance, we want to talk with you to make sure you get exactly what you want in the way of a grip product that you will be proud of.  For years our friends called us the “Grip Doctor” for good reason… if it is grip related we can fix it and make it better.  We stand behind our grips 100% and will work to make sure that you are a returning customer time and again.  Let the Gunsmiths build the guns and let us build your grip!


We promise we have the fastest service in the industry!  You can shoot your pistol on a weekend match, ship it to us during the week and we can have it back to you for next weekend’s match.  Shipping costs are not included in our service price and a few restrictions apply but we promise to not keep you waiting.