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This is an invitation only event, you must be a current member of the APS Training Group or APS alumni with previous training.  This 12 hour block will focus on massive repetition of learned skills toward a common standard.  We will limit the number of participants to 10, special guests and non-members are welcome to apply but this is a specialized course with high requirements and standards.  This is not a class, participants are expected to be able to safely manipulate a firearm and will be held to the highest standard of safety.  This is a high round count program (each and every round with a specific task and purpose) and breaks will be limited and focused on loading mags and hydration.

Saturday will be focused on skill development and Sunday will be focused on our soon to be trademarked 1 of 100 qualification.  Sunday will likewise include several challenge drill events after completion of the 1 of 100.  Portions of Saturday will be “self paced” and “extra ammunition” might not be a bad idea.  No less than 1000 rds but likely won’t exceed 1500 rds.

This will be first come first served registrations and no discounts will apply.


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