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Other than to protect ourselves and our family, there is very little reason to carry a firearm!  This class will go into some detail regarding mindset and how we should carry the fight to a threat directed at our family.  We will spend an amount of time on the flat range focused on basic skills to ensure everyone is on the same page before we transition to more dynamic course work.  Shooting on the move, shooting from retention positions, shooting to and from cover and from disadvantaged positions are some of the topics we will cover.  This course does not require family units to attend together, but families are more than welcome.  This course will help define areas that individual students need work in and provide a basis for future practice sessions.   We will help define your abilities and your limitations in an effort to help you better protect yourself and your family.  This program will start at approx. 2 pm and run until 8 pm with a short (0n the range) dinner break.  750 rds, safe holster, handheld flashlight, spare magazines and or speed loaders.  Weapon mounted lasers are okay.


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