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The world we live in seems to be an ever changing place with violence and threats of violence all over the news and social media.  Active Shootings catch a great deal of attention, even though they are actually pretty rare.  Run, Hide, Fight is the most prominent response often addressed with slightly varying concepts.  In this course we will explore the concept as it applies to surviving an active killer event.

Run-Get off the line of attack, moving to and from cover, moving when there is no cover.  We will focus on forward, lateral and rearward movement.

Hide-Shooting from cover, in around, over, under and through.  Shooting from cover often involves the use of less than ideal position, less stable, awkward and uncomfortable.

Fight-Rapidly and accurately putting rounds on a target from extreme close distance and out to normal everyday contact distance.

1000 rd minimum.  Eye and Hearing Protection required.  Handgun suitable for concealed carry and the support equipment to run it effectively.  Minimum 3 magazines or speed loaders, safe and suitable concealed carry holster.  No shoulder holsters.

9am-5pm both days.


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