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We are always one to want to prove our skill set with a firearm to ourselves!  We think that competition is a great way to test ourselves, not only against ourselves but against the skill set of others.

We are going to keep the rules pretty simple, and very closely follow the Steel Challenge rules both with regard to safety and scoring.  Each course of fire will be shot 4 times and you can opt for a 5th “mulligan” run.

  1. Freestyle
  2. Strong hand only
  3. Support hand only
  4. Freestyle
  5. Option Mulligan replaces the selected string no matter which run is better.

Only firearms suitable for concealed carry, drawn from a concealed carry type holster and from concealment.  If you can see the holster or the firearm with your wrists above your shoulders in a “surrender” position then it’s not concealed.

We can’t promise there won’t be a few other “challenges” added to some of the courses of fire.  This will follow the COPS monthly Steel Challenge Match and we will start at approx. 1pm.  and go until we are complete.  Limited to the first 20 paid registrations.  You will need approx. 200 rds of centerfire ammunition.

We are going to have some type of prize table or system.  Not everyone will be a winner, but we will reward performance.


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