We want to create a better understanding of how we interact with our everyday carry gun in adverse conditions forced to work through physical and mental barriers to performance. Unconscious Competence with our pistol is what we work toward in every training event, allowing us to put conscious thought to those variables we can’t control

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Sadly, stuff happens in gunfights! People get hurt and running the pistol hurt might not be the same as running the pistol standing on a flat range. Sometimes we get caught off guard, didn’t see the fight coming and we have to deal with it anyway…
What happens if you can’t see out of one eye, or can’t use one of your hands? Your whole arm? What if you end up on the ground, or with a leg that just isn’t working like a leg anymore? What if you are forced to work from a very restrictive covered position, or if you have simply worked yourself to a point of near exhaustion.
Seated, standing, laying down on your stomach, on your back, on your side, right side up, upside down, fingers not working, hands not working, eyes not working….. If we can twist it, bend it, change it, re-shape it, immobilize it, cover it up, slick it up or otherwise screw with a good position, a good grip, a good sight picture or anything we can find, we are going to do it.


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