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Dude, It’s not the Gun! Was developed in response to our very succesful Training Group program. Growth in virtually any endeavor comes from an understanding of the task at hand, the more understanding the faster and more efficient the growth.
Many people have spent a great deal of time “learning how to shoot” and backgrounds vary a great deal. Most people have never taken the time to really understand the dynamics involved in shooting. Many shooters just “do what they do” with no understanding of what it actually takes to get the job done.
Shooting a handgun is a very difficult task, in “Dude, It’s not the Gun” we break down every aspect of the integrated act of firing, demonstrations, detailed evaluations and purpose driven examples/live fire practice help shorten the learning curve. In many instances fixing mistakes or misconceptions that have gone unnoticed even with years of practice and competition.
We purposefully keep our class size small in order to ensure that each student, with the help of a peer coaching initiative gets maximum attention. It is our experience that we often don’t realize our own faults but we can very quickly find fault in others. Shooting is not different, and with the aid of peer coaches we can see mistakes, and better learn to diagnose problems in performance. We then offer time tested and proven solutions to what really are very common problems in the handgun shooting realm.
This program is equally well suited for the shooter who wants to understand the “whys” and learn to diagnose self error on the way to better performance as well as the shooter who is tasked with helping others learn to shoot. Want to shoot better? Need to be able to help others learn to shoot better?
“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”― Aristotle
Eye and Hearing Protection
Pistol or Revolver
5-6 magazines or speedloaders
Climate suitable clothing
750-1000rds ammunition (750 1 day format-1000 2 day format)

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Shooting Diagnostics could be another title.  This course isn’t expressly designed to help other instructors, but it will.  It is our intent to help students learn to shoot better, more efficiently, more accurately and faster by actually addressing every skill required at a very basic level so we all understand exactly what occurs, when it occurs and why it occurs.  It is our experience that the more we understand what is supposed to happen and why it happens the sooner we can correct what isn’t right in our work and start to improve at a much faster pace.  This should not be considered a “basic” course, this program is guaranteed to challenge the most experienced shooters!  But even if you are new to shooting, this program will help you learn to help yourself improve!

We have successfully utilized a “peer coaching” technique for over 20 years in most of our training, it being our belief that we are able to learn at a much faster rate when we see in others what we desire to produce ourselves.  Very often, once the shooting starts the Student is focused more on getting hits on the target than they are on how those hits are being produced, the “peer coach” is often able to see mistakes they themselves are making and didn’t realize.

It doesn’t matter if you are shooting a competition gun with competition gear, or your carry gun with your everyday carry setup.  Regardless the reason you would like to improve, we guarantee gaining a better diagnostic understanding of what is supposed to happen, when it’s supposed to happen and what it looks like when it’s wrong will help you improve your own skills as well as your ability to help others.

This course will be limited to 10 students.  You will need approx.750 rds of centerfire ammunition, a suitable, safe holster (must cover the trigger guard) and enough magazines and or speed loaders to go to the firing line with at least 50 rds loaded.  9-5.  This course will be hosted by PeaceKeepers Training and the range is located just minutes from Springfield/Boliver Missouri.


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