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“The Fight at the Speed of Life” is the 3rd tier program designed for students learning to conceal and carry and interested in scenario based training.  In these short blocks we focus on one particular critical area, like fighting in a theater, fighting in a church, fighting from a vehicle… etc.  Within fairly loose parameters the student is allowed/encourage to free form a fighting solution.  We place particular emphasis on accurate engagements in an efficient and timely manner.  These scenario based fights follow our extended drill philosophy and utilize as much of a 360 degree setting as we can safely allow.    Students will need 350 rounds of ammunition, a safe concealed carry type holster (must retain it’s shape with the gun out of the holster, leather, nylon or rigid plastic),  2 spare magazines or 3 speedloaders and pouches to retain them.  We also require suitable eye protection as well as hearing protection on the range.

This program will start at 1pm and run until approximately 5pm.  Please plan, snacks and water/sport drink requirements accordingly.


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