All of our courses are at least in part “Standards” based courses. Students are evaluated based on specific time and accuracy standards. Each student will also be challenged in a series of “Challenge Drills” designed to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of specific skills. Performance in the “Challenge Drills” is one of the ways we induce stress and demonstrate the ability to perform on demand. There is no pass/fail criteria for this course, rather each student is “scored” on his or her own performance self tracked throughout the course.
Students will leave the course with knowledge of the specific areas they need to focus their training efforts to further enhance their skills.

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This course is well suited to the new and advanced level shooter and is built around our variation to the 10-8 Pistol drill. The student is expected to understand firearm manipulation and the course emphasis is then placed on the correct application of the fundamentals under the stressors of time constraints as well as range variables. The student will repeat a series of drills several times throughout the class providing a learning environment based on repetition with the goal being an unconscious competence with a particular firearm.
We put our focus toward the “Defensive” use of a firearm, realizing that as soon as the student presents a firearm in defense of life their actions become “offensive” rather than defensive. Speed, Surprise and Aggressive Action are emphasized. There core set of strings found inside our High Output Drill serve to provide variables we utilize inside of a fixed time and accuracy standard forcing the student to work outside of what might be their comfort zone.
We encorporate multiple “tactical” settings to force problem solving in varying settings whenever possible, maintaining the baseline standard as a means to measure increases and decreases in performance as students encounter variations beyond their immediate control.
Please check the course title for the specific focus area for a given class.


Please Note:  Vehicle courses require students to get in and out of vehicle multiple times during the course, we strongly discourage short pants and short sleeved shirts as there is broken and flying glass (we shoot through a lot of glass) and sharp edges on the vehicles.  This is not a stand on the flat range and shoot (all of the time) kind of course.


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