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We are all about training, the more the better.  Ozark Sporting Goods has asked us to combine 2 of our most popular programs and run them back to back.

Holsters and Handguns is a 350 rd (min) course designed to help build a conditioned response, moving toward an unconscious competence with your pistol.  We teach an efficient draw, help you get the most accuracy out of your pistol by establishing a solid stance and grip and then drill the purposeful use of the sighting system on your pistol.  We utilize several flat range drills and repetition to help develop repeatable performance with a purpose.

Shooting at the Speed of Life is a 350 rd (min) course designed build upon the performance steps learned in Holsters and Handguns.  We take it to the next level by introducing sustained drills and courses of fire purpose selected to force work on recoil management, sight management over extended periods with multiple targets and multiple shots on targets.  Holsters and Handguns is a accuracy driven program and Shooting at the Speed of Life is a speed driven program, without sacrificing accuracy.


Both course back to back 9am until 5 pm 700 round minimum (not provided)  This course will be conducted on a private range a few miles south of Lebanon.  Space is limited, register now in order to reserve your seat.


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