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Carry a rifle/pcc for a living or as part of your job?  Depend on a rifle/pcc for home defense?  Shoot rifle/pcc for fun?

In this program we will look hard at the essential skills required in order to get the most out of your rifle/pcc.  Our “Shooting at the Speed of Life” programs focus hard on those areas that allow for rapid target engagement, recoil management, multiple target and multiple shot engagements.  “Driving” the rifle/pcc as hard as they can be driven but still getting acceptable hits on targets requires a mastery of the basics.   Rather that simply explain and demonstrate then practice correct applications we make every effort to ensure everyone understands the “why’s” involved with what makes it all work.   Once we understand the “why’s” involved we are can adapt much easier to changes in the environment, switch more confidently from one platform to another and self diagnose mistakes in our performance.

In this program we will use a core set of drills with objective standards as the baseline for the improvement goals we set for ourselves in the course.  We will focus most of our efforts on engagements that won’t exceed 50 meters.  We will confirm our “zero” and check offsets at varying distances in an effort to keep everyone pressing forward during a very fast paced day of training.

It doesn’t matter what your reason for wanting to get better, more efficient and faster with your rifle/pcc, we will work to iron out those areas that slow us down, make us less accurate and don’t allow us to shoot to our fullest potential.

8-5 with an approx. half hour lunch break.  27 October (We will use the Central Ozark Practical Shooters range facility)  Waynesville, St Robert, Missouri area.

You will need 750 rounds of ammunition, 3 or more magazines for your AR/AK platform as well as Pistol caliber carbines.  Please ensure your gun and ammunition run well together in advance of the course.


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