Create a better understanding of the Carbine/Rifle platform performance requirements. We want to be able to run the gun, understand what it takes to run the gun and be able to adapt to changes in the environment without a negative impact on our performance.

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Regardless of the platform, or the reason for running it, this course looks at what it takes to run it with more efficiency, how to shoot it faster, how to shoot it more accurately and how to take advantage of the long gun platform over the pistol when it’s applicable to do so. This program is most suited for AR or AK type platforms, but other magazine fed semi auto long guns are also okay.
The majority of work in this course will take place from 3 to 50 yds and from unsupported positions. Irons as well as optics are suitable. While wearing a pistol for the duration of the training program is allowed, the pistol won’t be loaded and transitioning from the long gun to the pistol isn’t part of the program.
We will use a core set of drills (our High Output Drill) as a baseline and to help outline what skills we think are critical to work towards running the platform at a subconscious level. Unconscious Comptetance is our goal. This is not by design a tactics based program, however there will be some discussion about tactics and techniques that are applicable for both match performance as well as the defensive/offensive use of the Carbine/Rifle platform.
To supplement the work in our core set of drills we will utilize several “challenge” drill events as well as practice drills leading into those “challenges”. The focus of our “challenge” drills is to help us better learn to apply an appropriate amount of speed with the required amount of accuracy in order to achieve a desired result.

8-5 with an approx. half hour lunch break.  11 May 2019 (We will use the Central Ozark Practical Shooters range facility)  Waynesville, St Robert, Missouri area.

You will need 500 rounds of ammunition, 5 or more magazines for your AR/AK platform as well as Pistol caliber carbines.  Please ensure your gun and ammunition run well together in advance of the course.


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