We can’t guarantee you will automatically shoot faster and more accurately, but we promise you will understand what it takes to shoot faster with a higher degree of accuracy. We also promise to demonstrate a common phrase heard throughout the program… “Shoot Fast…. Don’t Miss!!!
We have often heard the phrase, “Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast”!!! Not true. Slow is simply slow. Fast without accuracy is a waste! In the end the student will understand what it takes to get hits at speed.

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We want to shoot fast! As fast as possible while maintaining the required amount of accuracy to achieve the desired result. In this course we focus hard on those skills required to place fast and accurate rounds on target, regardless of the target or the reason for shooting.
A large portion of our focused effort is on effective recoil managment. We want to be able to keep the gun on target with the sights aligned as much as possible. We also focus our attention between target focused shooting and sight focused shooting to more effectively address the level of accuracy required for a given shot or series of shots. You can’t effectively hit what you aren’t aiming at, and if you aren’t aware of how your aiming or what amount of aiming is required than it’s very likely you aren’t balancing speed and accuracy effectively.

1-5 pm on the Central Ozarks Practical Shooters Range near St Robert Missouri.


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