Terms and Conditions



NB2018 Refund/Cancellation Policy.
Any purchase of a firearms training class regardless of the subject is a formal contract between Advanced Performance Shooting and the purchaser or agency.  We will make every effort to provide the training that has been contracted, in some instances; circumstances beyond our control may force us to reschedule a class.  In those instances, we will make every effort to reschedule as soon as possible and will offer alternative dates or provide a full refund.  If the purchaser agrees to the alternative dates we offer and then later cancels that is beyond our control.
Cancellations more than 30 days from the start date of class will receive a full refund less a 20% administrative fee.  Cancellations 15-29 days from start of class will receive a 50% refund.  Any cancellations inside of 15 days will not receive a refund.
We understand that in many instances emergencies come up and we will work to reschedule as much as possible.  If you are absent at the start of a course and have not made arrangements prior you have forfeited your slot and course fee.
If you made arrangements for ammunition for any course and then cancel, we will not refund ammunition costs, nor will we make arrangements to ship or hold that ammunition without prior approval.

Exchanges & Returns

Our mission is to provide gear that exceeds your needs and lifestyle. That is the reason we offer a 30 day no questions asked, no BS exchange/return policy on all gear purchased directly from Advanced Performance Shooting. If the gear does not meet your needs or lifestyle we will exchange it or refund the purchase price of the item excluding shipping & handling fees and less a 20% administrative fee.  Please note that all of our products are custom made to order to fit a specific firearm as it was designed by the original manufacturer and we can’t possibly account for all aftermarket parts or equipment.  Responsibility for the choice of product lies solely with the customer; if you ordered the wrong item we will work with you to make it right but please don’t expect us to be able to read your mind when ordering.  If you ordered something, thinking it could be used for something else, keep in mind all of our products are purpose built and tested and we charge the 20% restocking fee to recover material costs of the custom build.
If a product is defective or doesn’t function as it was intended we will repair or replace it at no additional cost.  The exchange/return policy is deemed void in the case of any modification, alteration, or abuse of the product. Customer is responsible to ensure that the item(s) being mailed to Advanced Performance Shooting arrive within 30 days of the return authorization being issued. Items that are not returned within this 30 day transit period will deem the return authorization null and void. Customer will be responsible for any and all shipping costs on void RMA products.  Please note:  Holsters by design are hard on the finish of firearms.  If the finish of a particular firearm is of particular importance, don’t holster it.  No matter the type of firearm, the holster material or the amount of use, the finish will show holster wear with use.
Note:  We understand mistakes during the ordering process and ask that you understand that our shop is a custom shop and all orders involve time and materials.  All returns for customer “mistakes” will incur a 20% administrative fee.  We take the time to build a quality product and ask that you take the time to ensure our product is what you are looking for.   If we made the mistake we don’t expect you to pay for our error.

In attending a course presented by Advanced Performance Shooting at the Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc., facility in Phelps County, Missouri,  or other host facility regardless of location.  I understand and agree:
1.      This course is not presented by Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc., or other host facility and is presented solely by the instructors who make use of its range.  Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc. makes no representation as to any course content or any safety issues, and those are the sole responsibility of the instructors presenting the course.

2.       I am required as part of this course to participate in the use of firearms.  I understand that firearms may be dangerous if not properly used by myself or others and, understanding and fully appreciating the risks involved in participating in the use of firearms by myself and others, knowingly assume the risk of participating in this course.

3.      I have been briefed and understand the safety rules in effect for this training evolution, and agree to abide by same during this course. I agree that this course will be presented under “Cold Range” protocols and agree to abide by same.

4.      That in taking this course, I am agreeing to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc. or other host facility and Advanced Performance Shooting from both:

A. Any claim made by me for damages resulting from my participation in this course, or
B. Any claim that may be made by third persons against me or against Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc., other host facility or Advanced Performance Shooting for any damages resulting from my actions in any way related to my participation in this course, occurring either during this course or in the future.

5.      I understand that unintended and unanticipated consequences may arise from my participation in this course, and accept that all such consequences are the result of my decisions alone, and that I take full personal responsibility for my own choices, my own decisions, and my own actions.

I give this Release as part of the good and valuable consideration exchanged between myself and Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc., other host facility and Advanced Performance Shooting in permitting this course to be presented at its facilities, and understand that Central Ozarks Practical Shooters, Inc., or other host facility and Advanced Performance Shooting are relying on this Release in agreeing to permit this course to be presented.