It is our core belief that handgun skills are not defined by “basic” and “advanced” elements.  We train to an extremely high standard, the more training a person has, the faster and more accurately they can apply a basic set of skills.  We believe that we can often find an advanced application of a basic set of skills brought about by factors beyond our control in the environment.  We firmly believe that we fill a role as the “Senior Student” in all of our classes, ever evolving and always trying to better our own skills.  The correct application of a basic set of handgun related skills doesn’t change between tactical or practical applications, shooting competition, plinking or deadly force encounters.  We are more than qualified to talk about and teach the tactics involved for both teams and individuals in a variety of settings, from USPSA to IDPA specific tactics, LE Team and Individual related skills as well as the civilian use of deadly force…. We choose most of the time to focus on skill development rather than tactics.

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