1of100 “Get a Move On” 3 September 2022


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Without a doubt our 1of100 Concealed Carry Standards are the most challenging in the industry! We are also confident that while the 100% mark is tough to achieve, nothing else in the training industry compares, we firmly believe we should set the standard high, but obtainable and then work to increase our skill. Nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and the lives of those important to us.

Course Title: 1of100 Get a Move On
Course description:
Our deadly force encounter won’t likely be a static event, rather everyone involved is likely to be moving. It isn’t enough to want to be able to engage a moving threat, or to be able to effectively engage a threat while moving, rather we have to have practiced those skills required in order to effectively respond. This course will focus on shooting while moving, shooting then moving or moving then shooting as well as engaging moving targets. As if the 1of00 Standards aren’t challenging in and of themselves the final event will certainly involved movement.

Terminal Learning Objective:
The Get a Move On student will understand the dymanics of movement and the techniques to help make that movement as efficient as possible. Each student will participate in movement exercises that involve communication and situational awareness. Students will participate in moving target engagements with both single and multiple target presentations.
Enabling Learning Objectives:
Demonstrate knowledge and application of safe weapons handling skills.
Perform ready positions training exercises while moving.
Perform drawstroke training exercises that include movement.
Perform malfunction clearance exercises while or with movement.
Perform emergency and rapid reload exercises with movement.
Perform multiple threat training exercises will moving or while the threat is moving.
Perform use of cover exercises that involve getting to or from covered positions.
Perform shooting on the move and shooting and moving exercises.
Recommended gear list:
Practical concealed carry type pistol (9mm caliber or larger) or duty gear
500 rounds of functional pistol ammunition (minimum)
3 pistol magazines minimum (10 speed loaders or moon clips)
Safe, functional concealed carry type holster and magazine pouches
Cover garment
Sturdy footwear (no open toe)
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection (double hearing protection recommended in vehicle courses)
Hat (optional)

Weather appropriate attire

Course prerequisites:
This is not an entry level training program and it’s intended for the student who has attended some form of professional training and can safely/efficiently manipulate a handgun, at a minimum be able to load/unload, present from a holster and reload from concealment.  Students will either be graduates of other APS firearms training courses or demonstrate proficiency prior to class. Such as but not limited to the IDPA 5×5 Classifier in 25.00 seconds or less shot from concealment.
This course will be limited to 10 students. You will need approx. 500 rds of centerfire ammunition, a suitable, safe holster (must cover the trigger guard) and enough magazines or speed loaders to go to the firing line with at least 50 rds loaded.

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