Individual Skills for Church Security Teams (Firearms) 16 April 2022 8-12 am


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It isn’t possible to define how good someone needs to be with a firearm in order to defend themselves.  An argument could be made that if you are going to defend others, you have to be even better.


Course Title:  Individual Skills for Church Security Teams (ISCST)

Course description:

Our 1of100 Concealed Carry Standards is unique in the industry.  We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to set the highest standard possible for ourselves when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families as well as others, we might be responsible for.  All of our firearm’s programs are standards based and focus on mastering a basic set of skills with a handgun.

In our “ISCST” program students who can demonstrate an anchored set of basic skills through correct repetition at speed will be further challenged with ever increasing accuracy requirements at varying speeds and with the introduction of performance limiting variables. This level of performance will be best demonstrated with precise discipline.   While the 1of100 Standards remains the benchmark, students are encouraged to increase the distance or accuracy requirement, in keeping with the timed performance measures.



Terminal Learning Objective:

Students understand the importance of repetition and are able to hold themselves to a defined level of speed and accuracy.

Enabling Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate knowledge and application of safe weapons handling skills.

Perform ready positions training exercises.

Perform drawstroke training exercises.

Perform malfunction clearance exercises

Perform emergency and rapid reload exercises

Perform multiple threat training exercises.

Perform shooting on the move and shooting and moving exercises.

Recommended gear list:

Practical concealed carry type  pistol (9mm caliber or larger)

250 rds of centerfire pistol ammunition

3 pistol magazines minimum (10 speed loaders or moon clips)

Safe, functional concealed carry type holster and magazine pouches

Cover garment

Sturdy footwear (no open toe)

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection (double hearing protection recommended in vehicle courses)

Hat (optional)


Weather appropriate attire


Course prerequisites:

None.  This is course designed to provide the student base with a thorough understanding of the advanced application of a basic set of skills.  Everyone, regardless of skill level will be challenged! If you aren’t sure you are up to the task then please get with us ahead of time.

This course will be limited to 10 students.  You will need approx. 250rds centerfire ammunition, a safe suitable holster and enough magazines or speed loaders to come to the  ideally with 50 rds loaded each time.


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