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Phase 1 CCW- In Phase 1 we will cover safety, safe storage, cleaning, marksmanship, use of force, laws regarding firearms in Missouri and conduct the requisite practice and qualification as outlined by Missouri statute.  Each student is held to a high standard and must safely demonstrate the ability to manipulate a firearm before completion of the course as well as achieve a passing score on the qualification.  Additionally we cover techniques and methods of actually carrying a firearm and introduce students to several types and styles of holsters designed for carry.  We conduct several demonstrations throughout the program to include the “effects of fired rounds” and a realistic demonstration that graphically depicts the color coded levels of awareness and “Boyd’s Loop”.    Most students get a chance to participate in one or more of the hands on live fire demonstrations and every student is afforded 1 on 1 instructional support during the practice and qualification sections of the course.  You will need 40 rounds of ammunition (not provided).  This course is conducted in a 1 day format and includes lunch.  8am – 5pm.  This program is hosted by Ozark Sporting Goods and is conducted at the Evergreen Mall in Lebanon.  We will also include a mini seminar with a representative from US Law Shield at no additional charge.


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