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Phase 1 CCW- In Phase 1 we will cover safety, safe storage, cleaning, marksmanship, use of force, laws regarding firearms in Missouri and conduct the requisite practice and qualification as outlined by Missouri statute. Each student is held to a high standard and must safely demonstrate the ability to manipulate a firearm before completion of the course as well as achieve a passing score on the qualification. Additionally we cover techniques and methods of actually carrying a firearm and introduce students to several types and styles of holsters designed for carry. We conduct several demonstrations throughout the program to include the “effects of fired rounds” and a realistic demonstration that graphically depicts the color coded levels of awareness and “Boyd’s Loop”. Most students get a chance to participate in one or more of the hands on live fire demonstrations and every student is afforded 1 on 1 instructional support during the practice and qualification sections of the course. You will need 40 rounds of ammunition (not provided). This course is split into 2 segments.  Friday evening from 6-10 and Saturday morning from 8-12.

We also offer a chance to “upgrade” the concealed carry learning experience by adding our Holsters and Handguns course at a substantial savings when booked/registered together.

350 rds Starts 1 pm and runs until 5 pm
Holsters and Handguns was designed as a safe, effective way to introduce efficiency in your training program and practice. Focused primarily on the fundamental skills required to run a handgun. Presentation from the holster, loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions, reloading and target engagements, all with an eye toward efficiency. Most people who own firearms, don’t go “practice”…. when they go shoot… they don’t always practice those skills required to anchor a skill, or a set of skills. Holsters and Handguns is far from a “basic” level course, rather an advanced approach to teaching basic skills. We cover a wide range of topics, shoot a wide variety of skill drills, reality based courses of fire, and diverse subject areas, primarily focused on the skill sets required to better protect yourself and your family, but we don’t exclude folks mostly interested in competition skills or those folks more focused on duty based firearms training. We believe and put to practice that training should be recent, relevant and realistic.
Eye protection and hearing protection are mandatory. Safe, suitable (must retain it’s shape when the firearm is drawn and must cover the trigger guard) holster and firearm with 3 magazines or speedloaders.


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