Missouri Concealed Carry “Standard” Program 12 December 2021


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In our “Standard” Missouri Concealed Carry course we spend the majority of the time in the classroom in discussion/conference covering in great detail the statute requirements outlined by Missouri. In this program the only live fire portions are the required practice and qualification and each student only fires the required 40 rounds of ammunition. This is by no means a “basic” cookie cutter program, far exceeding that which most other programs cover in part due to the instructor experience level we bring to the table. Even if a student has participated in another Concealed Carry program, we guarantee a new learning experience in our constantly updated program. We aren’t teaching from a book produced by the NRA to cover the bare minimum required to certify for your permit.

Students will at a minimum participate in the following discussions, demonstrations and practical applications:

(1) Handgun safety in the classroom, at home, on the firing range and while carrying
the firearm;
(2) A physical demonstration performed by the applicant that demonstrated his or her
ability to safely load and unload either a revolver or a semiautomatic pistol and
demonstrated his or her marksmanship with either firearm;
(3) The basic principles of marksmanship;
(4) Care and cleaning of concealable firearms;
(5) Safe storage of firearms at home;
(6) The requirements of this state for obtaining a concealed carry permit from the
sheriff of the individual’s county of residence;
(7) The laws relating to firearms as prescribed in chapter 571, RSMo;
(8) The laws relating to the justifiable use of force as prescribed in chapter 563, RSMo;
(9) A live firing exercise of sufficient duration for each applicant to fire either a revolver
or a semiautomatic pistol, from a standing position or its equivalent, a minimum of
twenty rounds from the handgun at a distance of seven yards from a B-27
silhouette target or an equivalent target; and
(10) A live fire test administered to the applicant while the instructor was present of
twenty rounds from either a revolver or a semiautomatic pistol from a standing
position or its equivalent at a distance from a B-27 silhouette target, or an
equivalent target, of seven yards

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