MO CCW Next Steps 12 June 2022 PM (1-5 pm)


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NOTE:  This is not a Concealed Carry certification course.  This course is specifically a skill development program specifically focused on firearm related skills intended to build upon the baseline safety information/skills addressed in the Missouri Concealed Carry certification programs.  This course is well suited to be taken before or after a Missouri Concealed Carry certification course.

This course picks up where the regular Missouri Concealed Carry programs leave off.  No matter how “advanced” a concealed carry program might actually try to be, there isn’t enough time to cover more than just the basic safety considerations and operation of a handgun.

In our opinion its not enough to just take the safety course if you are serious about protecting yourself and your family.  Whether you take this course before your Missouri Concealed Carry course or after we promise the comprehensive approach to learning how to safely and efficiently manipulate a handgun will be beneficial.

Terminal Learning Objective:
Upon completion of the MO CCW Next Steps course, the student will have a more in depth understanding and basic handgun manipulation skills as they might relate to required use in a deadly force encounter.

Students will leave the course with knowledge of the specific areas they need to focus their training efforts to further enhance their skills.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
Demonstrate knowledge and application of safe weapons handling skills.
Perform ready positions training exercises.
Perform drawstroke training exercises.
Perform malfunction clearance exercises
Perform emergency and rapid reload exercises
Perform multiple threat training exercises.
Perform use of cover exercises

Recommended gear list:

Practical concealed carry type pistol (9mm caliber or larger)

250 rounds of functional pistol ammunition (minimum)
2 pistol magazines minimum (2 speed loaders or moon clips)
Safe, functional concealed carry type holster and magazine pouches
Cover garment
Sturdy footwear (no open toe)
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Hat (optional)
Weather appropriate attire

Course prerequisites:
None. This is course designed to provide the student base with a thorough understanding of the advanced application of a basic set of skills. Everyone, regardless of skill level will be challenged!

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