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You may add up to 4 Personal Guests by checking the appropriate number of boxes. You may also select up to 2 back-to-back sessions for the same number of personal guests.

NOTE: Please check with us before registering to ensure your date and time slot is available.

We specialize in helping people learn to protect themselves and their families and one of the safest, most convenient and often fastest way is with individualized instruction.  We also understand that in some instances privacy and discretion are critical and open enrollment classes could compromise security.  Our discreet private sessions are conducted on a range facility that is not open to the general public and focus on a specific core area of firearms manipulation generally one core area per session.  We have found that sometimes in group classes with open enrollment, technique, concepts and understanding is sometimes jumbled up and missed in the more hectic paced learning…..  Private, focused instruction can help to solve that issue.

Each learning block is 2 hours (by appointment only) and specifically focused on the clients needs.

Personal instruction in a private session will drastically increase your individual skills with the personalized attention available in our one-on-one sessions. This is the absolute best way to learn safe and efficient gun handling; for beginner, intermediate or advanced shooters. Individualized instruction offers immediate improvement of basic and advanced skill sets, in a confidential and secure setting. This one-on-one attention to detail focused on your personal gun handling skills creates a positive and comfortable learning environment conducive to rapid improvement in a compressed time frame. Four to six hours of personal instruction could cover the same material as a typical two-day Group Class, without the added distraction of additional students.  Personal instruction is not restricted to the skill of a group class or lesson plan, rather we can cover in as much detail as is required areas such as but not limited to: General Firearm Safety, Firearm Manipulation, Basic Fundamentals, Presentations from a Holster, open and concealed, Reloads, Clearing Malfunctions, Multiple Target Engagements, Moving Targets, Use of Cover, Flashlights  and much more.

Our Personal Instruction/Private Session courses are 2 hours in duration without exception, but you can book multiple sessions back to back.  We find that couples or families often want to train together and you can add people to your private session as required.  In the end it is our intent that you create the comfortable learning environment that you desire with your family and friends as required.

Very often we find students who don’t know what gear they need, or what equipment may or may not suit their individual requirements, we can almost always help with advice, loaner gear and equipment and our personal experiences.  If you aren’t sure, please get with us ahead of time rather than rush out and spend money that you may later regret.

Our recommended gear list differs in private training for each session and for each individual all based on needs but as a general rule you would be fine with the following considerations.

Practical concealed carry type  pistol (9mm caliber or larger)

250 rds of centerfire pistol ammunition

3 pistol magazines minimum (10 speed loaders or moon clips)

Safe, functional concealed carry type holster and magazine pouches

Cover garment

Sturdy footwear (no open toe)

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection (double hearing protection recommended in vehicle courses)

Hat (optional)


Weather appropriate attire

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