This is a course that forces you to think, and act! If you have to think about how to run your firearm it will be harder. If you can run your pistol at a subconscious level you free your mind to work through complex problems. This course demonstrates the importance of being able to quickly decide on a course of action and execute the same, reacting to changes in the environment and range conditions. It’s not a real gunfight, not even force on force, but it’s a complex learning setting designed to help the student better understand how to deal with the stressors of outside influence.

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We believe that training should be recent, relevent and realistic. To that end The Fight at the Speed of Life is the stand alone class designed as a culminating program after Holsters and Handguns and Shooting at the Speed of Life. Those courses are not pre-requisites but you should be able to hit what your aiming at on demand and with a degree of speed and accuracy that you are comfortable with if it were a gunfight.
In this course we take 1 basic “stage” setup with multiple targets and multiple shooting positions and we repeat the same course of fire several times. Each time the course of fire is repeated we add 1 additional variable and each variable takes 1 more degree of control away from the student. Simple building blocks until we have progressed to a very dynamic fight (as dynamic as you can get without force on force)


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