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Glock Enhancements

Glock handguns are one of the finest handguns in the world, however, many shooters have problems with the grip size (particularly on 10mm and .45 ACP models), grip profile and grip angle.  Many shooters also find the grip angle annoying. The large hump on the backstrap tends to force the muzzle to point upward relative to the forearm causing the shooter to alter the wrist angle to pull the muzzle down onto target increasing stress on the wrist joint and slowing target acquisition. These problems are often worse for shooters used to the “classic” grip angle of the 1911, and many experienced shooters have trouble transitioning to the Glock’s greater grip angle.  In addition Glock models with finger grooves have a greater circumference than those without, and if the grooves don’t perfectly match the shooter’s hand, they interfere with proper hand position.

Advanced Performance Shooting has perfected the Glock Grip Reduction to address these issues.
Advanced Performance Shooting will modify your Glock to decrease the overall grip circumference and change the grip angle. By removing or greatly reducing the hump on the backstrap the pistol is left with a much straighter profile similar to a 19 or 2011 with a flat or wedged mainspring housing. The resulting smaller and more comfortable grip makes it easier to reach the magazine catch, effectively shortening the distance to the trigger, allows for a more natural sight alignment and better recoil control. Potential for slide-bite on large hands is reduced, and accuracy is potentially increased through a perceptibly smoother trigger press. The Advanced Performance Shooting Glock enhancement makes the weapon safer by giving the shooter more control: it is functionally no different than changing the grips on any other pistol or revolver.

  • Reduces grip overall grip size.
  • Improves grip angle.
  • Improves hand/wrist position.
  • Speeds sight acquisition on target.
  • Speeds magazine changes.

The Advanced Performance Shooting Glock enhancement typically consists of:
  • Rounding the trigger guard and re-texture (more holster options, more comfortable support hand position). BY REQUEST ONLY.
  • Double undercut of the trigger guard (perfected in our 2011 grip enhancements, allows both the strong and support hands a higher hold effectively aligning the muzzle for better control and reduced muzzle flip).
  • Removal or reduction of the backstrap (removal requires the hollow cavity to be filled with industrial resin to allow the required re-contouring).  (The removal and complete re-contouring are highly recommended).
  • Removal of the finger grooves to be replaced with a more serviceable and user-friendly textured surface. 
Re-Texturing options available but are not limited to:
  • Light (skateboard tape like surface)
  • Medium (more like 20lpi checkering)
  • Rough (no mud or blood is going to let this grip slip)
  • Factory (pebbled like surface)
  • SRT2 (Slip Resistant Texture 2) this features the same silicon carbide treated grip that we perfected in our SOCD grip.  This grip surface will last a lifetime of hard use!
  • Custom/variable (this option allows the user to select between our textures for various portions of the grip, to lessen wear on a carry gun or to facilitate a certain draw style or holster type).

Internal Magwell –  This feature is well suited to those shooters who don’t wish to alter the external angles of the Glock frame design or make it larger and more likely to “print” when carrying concealed.  Our internal magwell design provides a permanent ramp-like feature to improve reloading times by reducing the sharp edges and creating a funnel-like effect.

For those interested, we have a custom paint service that is second to none in the industry.  Choose up to a 3 color fade with splatter.  Perfect if you just want to be a little unique or if you truly need to break up the outline of a duty gun.  Starting at only $50.00 it’s easy to see why we lead the industry in custom grip work for STI/SV and now Glock firearms.

Dealer inquiries are welcome, minimum orders apply. Military and Law Enforcement agencies and individuals are always welcome and receive our standard discount.

One of our awesome customers made the following video of the work we did on his pistol.  The options are virtually limitless and each project is unique to the owner and the owner’s imagination.


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