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The introduction of our SRT 2® grip series was been a long time coming! I didn’t realize how long we had worked on this project until a conversation with a sales rep regarding one of the proprietary ingredients.

At SHOT 2011 we were approached by a representative from a non-industry company about producing a grip for the M16/M4 series of rifles for Special Operations and Combat Divers. We took on that challenge knowing we needed a grip that would perform in fresh and saltwater as well as oily water conditions, needed to fit a variety of hand sizes and perform equally well with or without gloves. We needed a grip that would function equally well in maritime and dry environments. We tested several variations of the work we have been performing on polymer grips since 1998 before we settled on what we believe is the best all around grip for the M16 series of rifles.

The result of over 2 years of work and testing is our Special Operations and Combat Diver Grip®  M4 (SOCD M4).

The texture is a coarse emery board kind of texture bonded to the grip permanently and produces a skateboard tape type of surface.  This surface helps offset environmental effects like water, sweat, oil and blood. The surface treatment on the grip provides a non-skid surface that does not cause undo wear on your hands even without gloves.

NOTE: The surface does produce a glint or sparkle that can be painted to reduce the visible signature, however, painting of any type will reduce the amount of “grip” to some degree but does not negate the added value. If this is a concern please let us know when you are ordering and we can offer suggestions or solve the problem for you.

Our customers have long known and enjoyed the benefits of our textured work, realizing that a better grip surface provides a solid contact with the gun without having to over grip and detract from the core principles of marksmanship; regardless if they opted for a painted, non-painted, SRT or now our new SRT 2 /SOCD series of grip enhancements.

Additionally we offer our Special Operations Combat Diver Grip® as a treatment available for customer supplied grips. We realize that many shooters like varying sizes and shapes of grips, as well as grips for other types of rifles, carbines and sub-guns. Our process will allow these shooters to experience the same benefit as end users that our new grip customers enjoy.




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