Training Group

We have wanted to run a program like this for a long time, but work schedules and other commitments simply made it not possible.  $20 bucks!  Only 100 rds (not provided) and no more than 2 hours on the range (Typically from 1800-2000).  Normally the focus is on the pistol, but we also do some …

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IPSC Super Squad

This course is designed to enhance IPSC/USPSA stage and match understanding in an effort to produce a more rounded competition match shooter.  We will focus on stage description and breaking down the courses of fire based on shooting division with specific attention to detail to stage-specific requirements.  The student can expect to learn how to …

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High Output Pistol

This course is well suited to the new and advanced level shooter and is built around our variation to the 10-8 Pistol drill.  The student is expected to understand firearm manipulation and the course emphasis is then placed on the correct application of the fundamentals under the stressors of time constraints as well as range …

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High Output Pistol 2

This course represents the next evolution to the High Output Pistol course and follows the same principles of competence through repetition.  High Output Pistol is not a pre-requisite but the student is expected to understand firearms manipulation.   Primarily based on a flat range training concept students will be able to judge their own improvement pinned …

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