Training Group

We have wanted to run a program like this for a long time, but work schedules and other commitments simply made it not possible.  $20 bucks!  Only 100 rds (not provided) and no more than 2 hours on the range (Typically from 1800-2000).  Normally the focus is on the pistol, but we also do some rifle and shotgun work.  It’s easy to find out what each weekly event will be by checking our Facebook Training Group page. You can spend a great deal of money and time training improperly or without focus!  The “Training Group” helps provide focus with 1 on 1 instruction using a variety of training drills and reality based scenario training.  This is a great way to get better with your firearms without breaking the bank and can serve as the backbone for a training program  suitable for every skill level!  Even if you can’t make it every week, this is still a great way to get out and train with structure and a goal.  Sure it’s fun to just get out and shoot but it’s even more fun to get out and shoot better!

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