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Please check the list carefully for your pistol/magazine, not everything is listed in order. If you don’t see your magazine listed please contact us.

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If you want to order magazine pouches for more than one type of firearm or if you want the magazine pouches in different colors please include a note detailing the changes you would like. Please make sure the pistol type is listed and the only color choices available are those we have already listed. You must also choose in the next “option” category to complete the order.

Convenience fee

If you are ordering for more than one type of magazine, or mixing up the colors of the pouches you have ordered we charge a nomimal fee for the convenience. Everything is still handmade for the exact magazine, just requires more set up. There is a “Order Notes” section on the billing and shipping address section of the cart as you place the order.

No fancy name, no frills, no gimmicks, just a simple magazine pouch that works.  When we started building holsters, we were just as fed up with the junk magazine pouches that had simply never evolved.  We knew “One size fits all” is seldom the best approach.  We knew the attachment points are normally a weak link.  We’d had countless “adjustment” screws come loose and disappear.

Our one solid piece design eliminates most of the worry.  Barely larger than the magazine itself (.80 larger to be specific) ambidextrous and can be worn outside or even inside the belt (not iwb).  We created a magazine pouch unique in the industry equally at home for concealed carry or competition.  Our magazine pouch will withstand the rigors of everyday carry and hard training evolutions.  Our pouch will allow you to wear your magazines with bullets facing forward or to the rear.  Each magazine pouch we offer is built for the exact magazine, not an approach of “this one will work with this many types”, but for the exact magazine.  Our pouch by design will fit up to a 1.75 inch belt.

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