Active Shooter Resolution

No one knows where the next “Active Shooter” incident is going to occur, no one knows who is going to be involved…. but what we do know is we can help to prepare you to respond if you are caught in an area attacked by an “Active Shooter”.  This course focuses on target identification and reducing the threat with a rapid application of precision fire delivered from positions of disadvantage and while moving. This course is not based on theory or principles but will deal directly with the techniques required to fight from and to cover while being required to identify the threat from friendly targets and survive.  This course is not an Active Shooter Response geared toward first responders who have to enter and eliminate a threat… instead, it is geared toward the individual caught in the middle of a violent act!  We highly recommend you consider your level of competence before attending this course and can recommend several programs if you are in doubt.  750 rounds pistol (min) not provided.  Course fee $250.00 (2 days)

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